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Your local source for Holistic and Wellness based products and gifts including; Charlotte’s Web CBD, Sweet Dreams Magnesium Cream, Heated Herbal Neck-wraps & Eye Pillows, Aromatherapy and cleansing supplies, Crystals, Jewelry,  Fair Trade and too may others to list!

We are an independently owned and operated wellness center that also offers the best in holistic, metaphysical and fair trade merchandise. It has been our privilege to assist our clients on their wellness journeys in our safe, non-judgmental environment since 2010. We provide the best of holistic treatments to help our clients to feel their very best – inside and out!

The Holistic Wellness Center was founded in 2010, and is owned and operated by Darrah March O’Connor and Sarah Schochet Henken. The concept is to offer the community a safe, non- judgmental place to come for help dealing with life’s everyday stresses and the impact that those have on a person’s health and wellbeing. To that end, we offer services that support that mission. Services offered include; Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Cupping, Reiki, IET, Polarity, Holistic Health Coaching and more. HWC tries to stay current on holistic modalities that can help our clients to feel better. We try to select merchandise that supports what we do, including (but not limited to) Aromatherapy products, CBD & other Herbal remedies, Heated Neck Wraps & Eye pillows, Magnesium Cream, Crystals and Gifts from around the world – Mostly Fair Trade certified and women owned businesses.

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