Some people are stylish; others have style!
Holistic Wellness Center Co-Founder, Sarah Henken offers wardrobe consultation and coaching services. Sarah brings over 30 years experience to your closet! Her experience runs the gamut from small, high-end boutiques, to large department stores like Bonwit’s and Filenes. Sarah’s skills as a Boston area stylist and costume coordinator for several local films and theater has brought her rave reviews. Sarah’s true passion is working with clients to bring out their very best. Sarah loves to educate clients about being stylish! Sarah helps her clients to discover their own sense of style that will allow them to put their best-dressed self forward!
Photo by Bree Leman
Photo by Bree Leman

I have nothing to wear!

How many times have you called a friend while getting ready for an event or night out and made this statement? This age-old dilemma faces so many of us, no matter what stage of our lives we are in. You want something appropriate for the event, not too dressy or risque, yet makes a statement. No matter the type of event, formal, casual, business, artsy – how do you decide?

The Wardrobe Doctor is in!


Why do I need a professional?

How does it work?

I can dress myself!
I can't afford clothes, let alone a clothing consultant.


Help me to develop my own sense of style!

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