Awaken Your Intuition

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Awaken Your Intuition

Led by Rev. Carolyn McGee – Healing Through the Heart Leader & EFT facilitator

Imagine how powerful and relaxed you will feel knowing that YOU can get the answer to any question 24/7? How amazing would your life be if you always knew what was in your highest good. That power lives inside you – it is your intuition! Oh, you say you don’t trust your intuition….. I can help you with that!

In this 2 hour workshop, you will learn how to understand, practice and trust the 4 types of instant access to divine guidance.


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All are welcome, come learn or delve deeper into your existing practice. It is a beautiful and supportive way to release negative associations and replace them with love and balance. Release phobias, trauma, and fear and replace it with excitement, peace, and joy.

Reverend Caroline McGee, intuitive teacher, healer and coach thrives in creating hear centered connections and teaching others how to fulfill their intuition and connection to each other and divine guidance. She empowers women to reconnect with their own inner wisdom so they can live with clarity, joy, and purpose.


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