Shannon Lemire

Shannon Lemire Returns to HWC

Shannon Lemire returns to HWC with a refined group of offerings that combine her many, many years of Massage Therapy, Energy Work & Yoga Instructor experience. She will offer “BodyMind” sessions that combine her many talents in either her bodywork or coaching sessions. In addition she will offer Thai Foot Therapy, another modality that brings the best of foot massage, reflexology and more together. Shannon believes that her role is not to give you the answers, but to help you to formulate and start an inner dialog with your body. When this is achieved, you will be able to hear what you need regarding any area of life including; physical aches/pains, career and relationships as many issues will manifest in your physical body. You will build trust in the process, allowing amazing change to happen.

Visit Shannon for any of these three fantastic treatments:

  • “BodyMind” body work sessions 90 minutes, $175,
  • “BodyMind” Intuitive Embodiment Coaching Sessions (these sessions are a great adjunct to the body work sessions) 60 minutes $75
  • Thai Foot Therapy 60 minutes $75

Shannon will be available at HWC Thursday mornings, and Sundays starting Jan. 23. Booking ahead is highly recommended. If you’re really ready to make changes and truly see the body-mind connection – these sessions are for you. Perfect for the new year!

Call us at 508-359-7400 to schedule now or learn more.

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