HWS Supports Dignity Matters

During the month of October, the Holistic Wellness Center is pleased to support the charity Dignity Matters by being a designated collection site for feminine hygiene and intimate products.

Dignity Matters www.dignity-matters.org is the only New England based non-profit organization that supplies feminine hygiene products, bras, and new underwear to women and school girls living in homeless or low-income situations to help them stay healthy, regain self-confidence, and live with basic dignity.

There are 22,000 homeless women and girls in MA alone and more living in poverty.

Food stamps cannot be used to purchase feminine products, so many women go without. Please help support this much-needed Charity by dropping off Tampons, Pads, new or gently worn Bras or new (only) Underwear with tags.  They, of course, will accept monetary donations as well.

We at HWC and Dignity Matters appreciate your support!!!

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