Raising Our Vibrations With the Archangels

Raising Our Vibrations With the Archangels

Monday, December 4 | 7:00 – 9:00 PM

During this event we will be connecting with the Archangels to release our blockages and raise our vibrations with their high frequency assistance. This process is accelerated and strengthened with Selenite Crystals & soothing Crystalline Sound waves.

Offering: $44.00  | Call (508) 359-7400 to register


You will have a Selenite rod to align with your torso and chakras, as well as two selenite wands to hold in each hand and Selenite stones in an eye pillow to place on your third eye. Nicki will give you a brief description of what the crystals do and how to best use them in everyday life prior to the meditation. She will then play her crystal singing pyramids and new high vibration alchemy bowls. The sound intensifies the release of negative ions and therefore the benefits of the Selenite stones. You will leave the event feeling uplifted, refreshed and blissful.


Bring extra blankets and pillows for added comfort.

Nicki LeMarbre has studied the many healing modalities over the past 15 years. She began working with Selenite in 2011 and after seeing consistently powerful results, she closed her spiritual healing center on Cape Cod to travel the United States as an ambassador for Selenite. Now, she incorporates Crystal Singing Bowls and Pyramids for ultimate results. She is on a mission to share these amazing tools with as many people as she can.



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